We offer four kinds of glass:

  • Ordinary glass
  • Matted glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Museum glass

Ordinary polished glass is 2mm thick. As shown in the picture below, it reflects light. Therefore, if your artwork will be placed in front of a window or a lamp, the light will reflect in your artwork and thus make it hard to see and enjoy. Price is 12.50 €/m2.

Antireflex or matted glass is 2mm thick and does not reflect light. It dissipates light and eliminates reflections, enhances contrast and colours, thus you can view and enjoy your artwork without visual artifacts. It costs 21.50 /m2.

Plexiglass is 1.5mm thick and is made from plastic. It costs 20.00 €/m2.

Museum glass is also 2mm thick, but it is clarified and protects the artwork from UV radiation. Museum glass reflects 0.6% and it’s lucidity is 98%. With this glass your artwork will not lose even the most subtle detail. It costs 140€/m2.