About us

Doze L Ltd has been working in the framing industry since 1994. We have been constantly improving and expanding our services and we have established a high level of quality for our framing work and services that our clients have come to appreciate and expect of us.

In our Art Parlors we can frame both traditional things – artworks, photos, diplomas, posters, mirrors – as well as less traditional items, like t-shirts, sports shoes, papyrus, masks, tiles and many other things that have special meaning for you.

Come to our Art Parlors and our consultants will help you find a framing solution that’s exactly right for your artwork and your wishes. You’ll experience how even the simples artwork transforms into a masterpiece with the right framing.

We understand how you want to preserve the things that have a special meaning for you and we will help your memories look even better.

We also offer artwork hanging systems with a broad range of possible modifications to find the best solution for a room, that can be easily expanded and changed, without damaging walls. With artwork hanging systems you’ll be able to easily change location of your artwork on the wall according to your wishes, without the need to drill new holes in wall that would stay there after you move the artwork the next time.